Meet the Team


100_0596 Abby Juhlmann is studying Social Work and English. She loves Invisible Conflicts because it has brought together
students who are passionate about giving voices to all human beings as well as promoting social justice. She
commented that, “it is an honor to be a part of such a wonderful group.”

Abby loves reading and writing, a good cup of coffee, playing the piano, and exploring new places. She hopes to end up
on the west coast in the mountains!


Millie1 Katelyn Coghlan is an International Studies and Environmental Studies double major. She joined Invisible
Conflicts freshman year with hopes of meeting other like- minded individuals and learning more about the world
around her. Katelyn enjoys traveling and reading and one day hopes to work in agricultural development.



Vice President:


 Kailee Phelps is an International Studies and Communication Studies double major with a minor in Spanish language.  She
joined Invisible Conflicts in the Spring of 2013 and has been hooked since her first meeting.  She loves this caring group of
hardworking students and is inspired by their passion to make the world a better place through awareness and outreach.
Kailee loves learning new things, meeting new people, dancing, playing games, and being close to lakes (as she often is in her
Michigan home).  She also has an addiction to Honest Tea and anything with cheese in it.  She hopes to one day work for an
international business, nonprofit or embassy doing communications work.





Allison Grant








gemiracle IC pic  Gemiracle Lee is a Biology major on the Pre-Med track at Loyola. She joined Invisible Conflicts in 2013 after being
intrigued by the group’s mission to shed light on forgotten issues. She enjoys the awareness the organization provides her
with as well as the outreach that follows.

GeMiracle loves to travel and plans to lead a life that will allow her to help as many people as she can.





Communications Director:


 Emily Ramstetter is studying Communications.  She joined Invisible Conflicts in 2013 because she wanted to be more
educated on issues going on around the world. As she got more involved she found a new passion in social justice.  She loves
the community of people and can’t wait to see where the organization can take her in her four years at Loyola.

Emily enjoys traveling, watching movies, and long walks on the beach.  Her favorite thing to do in the city is discover new
restaurants and coffee shops.  She hopes to travel as much as possible in the future and find a career she’s passionate about.



Development Director:


 Mali Korc is studying International Studies, Political Science and Dance. She joined Invisible Conflicts in the Spring of 2013
and has loved every moment since! Invisible Conflicts has opened her eyes to so many worldly issues. She loves being part of a
group that consists of such inspirational people who constantly promote social justice on both a local and global scale. Mali
loves dancing, skiing, watching movies, traveling, and laughing amongst friends. She one day hopes to become a legislative
analyst somewhere on the east coast.




Executive Intelligence Officer:

Olivia Hedstrom 


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